Nemo File Manager

Nemo file manager is made for Cinnamon by the Linux Mint folks. However, this file browser works well on plain Debian. It is one of two apps from Mint that are really nice and worth installing, the other being pix. The Nemo distribution is available from the Github repository. One functionality it doesn't have is ... Read more

Pix Image Editor

Pix is another Linux Mint application (the second I use, along with Nemo) that is a useful, lightweight, simple image editor, good for cropping, scaling, and converting between filetypes. However, for actual editing, Inkscape is my editor of choice (I find GIMP hard to use). The latest versions of Inkscape may not be available under ... Read more

Screencasting Tools

For all but the simplest screencasting, there are several tools needed: Vector graphics editor - Inkscape Presentation editor - LibreOffice Impress Screencast / video recording and live streaming tool - OBS Studio Video editor - Shotcut

Inkscape SVG Editor

Open Source Vector Graphics Editor

Inkscape Vector Graphics

Inkscape is an amazing vector graphics editor. It is free and open source and works on a variety of platforms, including Linux, Windows and OSX. Inkscape replaces Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator and can read their files, and is a first class citizen among these other editors.

Read more


First up, Python 2 is dead dead dead. Long live Python 3. Here are some steps to perform: Update alternatives for Python update-alternatives --remove python /usr/bin/python2 update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/python python /usr/bin/python3 10 Edit ~/.bashrc to include an alias to python3 nano ~/.bashrc alias python=python3 Install the python-is-python3 application sudo apt install python-is-python3

Pelican SSG

Pelican is a python-based static site generator (SSG). Pelican has been around for a while (~10 years). It takes files, control files, and template files and generates static pages. Those pages can be kept inside git and then pushed to GitLab Pages or CloudFlare Workers. Installing and Configuring Pelican Installing Pelican Pelican Wiki Pelican Docs ... Read more

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